Liquid Filling Machine: ET-9V

  • Liquid Filling Machine: ET-9V


  1. Speed and Capacity adjustable for quantitative filling.
  2. Easy for Cleaning and Operating.
  3. No skilled technique is required.
  4. The material mechanism is of Stainless Steel quality, without any corrosion.
  5. Both auto continuous filling and semi-auto pedal filling, can be also used with automatic machines for Online control.
  6. Volume inaccuracy: 3 ccs.
  7. Two-layer filling tank can keep both heating and thermal stating function, it is optional.
  8. It can be made for the Customer's Demand.
  9. Filling Equipment for Stand-Alone or combining with others using.


Model ET-9V3 ET-9V10
Machine Size (mm) 455x530x1685 455x530x1685
Power(W) 110/220(50W) 110/220(50W)
Weight(kg) 33 37
Volume(cc) 50~300 300~1000
Capacity (L) 30 30


1. Suits for filling high or low concentration materials.
2. Food: Jelly, honey, puffs, salad, bean sauce cream, sauce, soup-stock soy, milk, salad oil, mineral water and rice wine etc.
3. Chemical industry : Tooth - paste, pearl cream, cleaner soap, face cream, shower cream , perfume, essence, lotion, ink, machine oil etc.