Automatic Type Sealing Machine: ET-56

  • Automatic Type Sealing Machine: ET-56


  1. Sturdy construction with stainless steel cover.
  2. Vacuum with Gas Flushing /Gas Flushing function selection.
  3. Heating element with Teflon coating and AL anodized.
  4. Quick interchangeable mold/sealing tool design.
  5. Fully safety guard defense for security.
  6. Accurate film rewinding system design.
  7. Film feed controlled by a sensor, encoder, or time (available for plain film and printed film).
  8. Small size design, suitable for medium food processing factory.
  9. Driven by a servo belt, it can connect other equipment.


Model ET-56M3
Machine Size(mm) WxDxL 2200x1100x1650
Power 380V
Capacity(psc/hr) 1500~1800
Max.Cup Size(mm) 230x200x80


Jelly, glass of water, pudding, juice, hot soup cup, tofu, prepared food, all kinds of frozen food, dry goods and other products that can be served in containers.

Optional Function

  1. Date Printer/Coder(Hot ink manual, Times Roman 12 font, 5 rows x 9 alphanumeric lines).
  2. Interchangeable Base Mould for sealing tool.
  3. MAP result: Inert gases: nitrogen, carbon dioxide, noble gases, Option residual oxygen level: achieved up to 0.1%.
  4. Auto Tray Drop.
  5. Auto Filling: Liquid, Heavy liquid, or solid products.