Banding Machine: YF-100

  • Banding Machine: YF-100
  • Banding Machine: YF-100
  • Banding Machine: YF-100
banding machine can be widely used in a variety of product packages and also
for food and gift goods, etc. in supermarkets, stores, families, and factories.
The other way is to band more than two
goods into one or fixed the gift box lid. Also, the using film can be printed
company information and goods info.


  1. Packaging speed of 15 to 20 pcs/min, which Can lower down labor and packaging costs.
  2. Touch screen display with PLC control system provides a user-friendly interface.
  3. Package dimension Max 150 x 240 mm to suit many kinds of goods.
  4. Adjustable Film banding strength to ensure doesn't damage goods.
  5. Made by SS and anticorrosion aluminum to comply with a hygiene standard.
  6. Other functions are combinable, for example, conveyor, sealing machine, inkjet printer, or thermal transfer coders for a production line.
  7. Can merge multiple units and connect production lines for higher benefits.


Model/Specification YF-100
Machine size(mm) 580x500x1750
Power(V) 110/220V (1000W)
Capacity (pcs/hr) 900~1200
Max. Container size(mm) 240(W)x150(H)