Vertical Form Fill Sachet Packing Machine: ET-2A3

  • Vertical Form Fill Sachet Packing Machine: ET-2A3


  1. Standard Function: Piston Filling Equipment.
  2. Low-cost compact design with high profitability.
  3. Fills liquids with particles smaller than 5mm.
  4. An eye-mark sensor ensures accurate positioning.
  5. Temperature controller for efficient and stable heating temperature.
  6. Stainless steel machine frame and Teflon-coated components ensure high hygiene standards.
  7. The size and volume of the packaging can be changed at any time.
  8. Microcomputer ensures accurate filling accuracy.


Model ET-2A3
Machine Size (mm) 800x450x1200
Power(W) 110/220(800W)
Weight(kg) 56
Capacity of filling (cc) 10~200
Width of Packing Film(mm) 180/130
Bag length (mm) 30~200
Capacity of filling hoper(L) 12L


For a variety of small particle high viscosity liquids, such as cream sauce, chili sauce, mayonnaise, barbeque sauce, honey, shampoo, lotion.

Optional Function

  1. Date Print(expiry dates, manufacturing dates, codes, and English text).
  2. Mixer.
  3. Two-layer Hopper.
  4. Automatic Draw Out System.
  5. Sealing and Cutting Device.