Tabletop Air Motive Tray Sealing Machine: ET-900LF

  • Tabletop Air Motive Tray Sealing Machine: ET-900LF


  1. Stainless Steel Frame and Anodized Alloy.
  2. Low-Maintenance, Compact design.
  3. Digital Controller Panel with Microcomputer program for a different setting.
  4. Microcomputer with multi-function design and error code detection.
  5. Front Safety guard for an emergency.
  6. Operation can be set as Manual or Automatic(Photo-sensor).
  7. Three models for Film Feeding: Sensor, Encoder, and Timer.
  8. Available for Colorful & Blank film.
  9. Quick Interchangeable Mould/Tooling.


Model Power Weight(kg) Capacity(psc/hr) Max.Cup Size(mm) Machine Size(mm)
ET-900SF1 110/220V 65 350 220x170x120 350x500x820
ET-900SF2 110/220V 70 630 100x170x120 350x500x820
ET-900SF4 110/220V 75 1050 100x75x120 350x500x820
ET-900LF1 110/220V 80 330 320x250x120 480x705x820
ET-900LF2 110/220V 85 590 150x250x120 480x705x820
ET-900LF4 110/220V 90 990 150x110x120 480x705x820
ET-900XLF1 110/220V 95 300 350x260x120 510x760x820
ET-900XLF2 110/220V 100 540 160x280x120 510x760x820
ET-900XLF4 110/220V 105 900 160x120x120 510x760x820
ET-900XXLF1 110/220V 115 270 420x290x120 580x865x820
ET-900XXLF2 110/220V 120 480 195x290x120 580x865x820
ET-900XXLF4 110/220V 125 810 195x130x120 580x865x820


  1. For Round Cup sealing: Water, Juice, Jelly, Pudding, etc.
  2. For square Tray sealing: Lunch box, Tofu, Fresh frozen food, Seafood, Agricultural processed product, etc.
  3. Or any others: Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical products. Many kinds of packaging products in Plastic or Paper containers.

Optional Function

  1. Date Printer/Coder(Hot ink manual, Times Roman 12 font, 5 rows x 9 alphanumeric lines).
  2. Holder and Pole Supporter for the bottle design.
  3. MAP(GAS flushing): Modified Atmosphere Packaging.
  4. Inside cutting.