Fructose Dispenser Machine: ET-9CSN(Baked painting)


  1. The Most Popular Table type of model.
  2. Small machine size, lightweight, and Low-Cost investment.
  3. User-Friendly operational interface, controlled by microcomputer.
  4. Speed and Capacity adjustable for quantitative filling.
  5. Easy for Cleaning and maintenance.
  6. Microcomputer program can be reset for different flowing.


Model ET-9CSN
Machine size(mm) 260x460x360
Power(V) 110/220V (450W)
Weight(kg) 9
Capacity(c.c) 8000
Appearance Baked painting
No.of Button 16 Button


Suit for fill: Liquid sugar, Sauce (No solid), Yogurt, Syrup, Cream. Use for storefront, product testing, restaurant.