Fructose Dispenser Machine: ET-9EN(Baked painting)

  • Fructose Dispenser Machine: ET-9EN(Baked painting)


  1. Drink quality control best helper that can fructose quantification dispenses.
  2. User-friendly operation interface is easy to use.
  3. Give sugar fast for 0.5 to 1 second.
  4. You can set up to remember different flow rates up to 24 groups.
  5. Professional cam rotation design can detect product viscosity to improve sugar outgoing accuracy.
  6. Constant temperature function


Model ET-9EN
Machine size(mm) 260x360x410
Power(V) 110/220V (300W)
Weight(kg) 9
Capacity(c.c) 8500
Appearance Baked painting
No.of Button 24 Button


Suit for fill: Liquid sugar, Sauce (No solid), Yogurt, Syrup, Cream.
Use for storefront, product testing, restaurant.