Continuous Conveyor Sealing Machine: ET-R

  • Conveyor Sealing Machine: ET-R


  1. PLC with inverter/servo speed control and touch screen operation.
  2. Sturdy construction with stainless steel cover.
  3. Heating element with Teflon coating and AL anodized.
  4. Quick interchangeable mold/sealing tool design.
  5. Fully safety guard defense for security.
  6. Accurate film rewinding system design.
  7. Film feed controlled by sensor/encoder/timer(Available for plain film and printed).
  8. Easy integration with other equipment for the production line.


Model ET-R3
Power Three Phase

Single Phase

Capacity(psc/hr) 8 cycle/min
Max.Cup Size(mm) 100x100x180


Machine Size(mm) WxDxL 3000x1100x1750

Optional Function

  1. Date coder.
  2. UV light.
  3. Filler(Depend on the product).
  4. Conveyor extending(Allowed).
  5. Auto container feeder.