Auto Rotary Sealing Machine: ET-86

  • Auto Rotary Sealing Machine: ET-86


  1. This machine is the most economical, affordable machine in the turntable system, with low investment and a better rate of return.
  2. Adopt a microcomputer control system, suitable for medium and small factories.
  3. Applicable to various sealed container materials and sizes.


Juice, cooked food, yogurt, milk, coffee powder, industrial products, etc.

Optional Function

  1. Printer: Prints the date.
  2. Cylinder Expel: Push the product out.
  3. Adjusting feet: Fixed machine height.
  4. Stainless Steel Wheel: Upgraded wheel material, more corrosion resistant and durable.
  5. Quick mold change: The mold can be changed quickly via the rotary knob.
  6. Card-type mold change: The entire group of molds can be replaced more quickly and simply by the method of card bamboo shoots.
  7. Inverter motor.