【Sealing Machine】FAQ
14 Feb.

【Sealing Machine】FAQ

【Sealing Machine】Order Guide?

Q1. How to choose the type of sealing machine and quotation?

There are many types of containers on the market, with different c.c. numbers and different calibers and uses.We recommend that you provide the size of the packaging container, the material of the container, and the required daily production capacity. , whether you need other special needs... etc., we will provide you with the most appropriate products and quotations according to your needs.

  • Microcomputer panel: Semi-conductive microcomputer control system, with LED display screen, its appearance is relatively simple, suitable for customized panel pattern.
  • Mechanical Panel: Traditional push button switch and knob thermostat, easy to operate and easy to use, and the panel pattern can also be customized.

The mechanical type and the microcomputer type are only slightly different in operation, and the rest of the functions are the same.

  • Has a new inductive touch key: ET-533 model sealing machine.
  • Top selling styles at home and abroad: ET-999SN, ET-95SN model sealing machine.
  • ABS impact-resistant shell is sturdy and lightweight, stylish and beautiful: ET-98S, ET-989 model sealing machine.
  • The mechanical operation is simple and straightforward: ET-899S, ET-89M model sealing machine.
  • Special for large-caliber sealing fat cups: ET-95MN, ET-89M, ET-58M model sealing machine.
  • CE, CUL, UL EPH certified models: ET-99SU, ET-99MU, ET-95SF, ET-99MF model sealing machine.

The above provides a preliminary selection direction.

Most of Y-Fang's medium-sized and above machines have a "quick mold change" mechanism, which can change the mold in a short time, and then can quickly proceed to the next production schedule to produce another item of products, which is the concept of one machine with multiple uses. . The shared details (such as container size restrictions...etc.) must be provided with a physical container for discussion with our staff.

According to product requirements, there are a variety of mechanisms to choose from, such as: printing mechanism, filling mechanism, automatic cup drop, belt packaging, body packaging, pressure drop cover, gas inflation, gas filling equipment after vacuuming, germicidal lamp (whether or not and many more) ... etc. automation mechanisms are available for installation. These institutions can be viewed in our Youtube playlist as a reference example.

If you have any needs, please call Y-Fang Sealing Machine, please contact the sales staff to make an appointment to serve you, and do not accept temporary appointments to see the machine on the same day.

When machines are to be exported to various countries in the world, most of them need to comply with local safety certification standards to ensure the quality and safety of goods circulating in various countries. Various countries and regions will set up different product certification standards to ensure the safety, health and environment of the citizens, such as: CE certification in the European Union, UL certification in the United States, etc. Y-Fang has rich experience in export trade. When trading with most countries such as the European Union, the United States and Canada, it can also provide various product import and export certifications required by it, and the equipment and parts of the machine will also be certified because of the certification. Different and slightly different.

Y-Fang has received feedback from consumers that they accidentally purchased counterfeit products on the Internet or requested maintenance due to counterfeit products. Y-Fang Sealing Machine does not undertake service obligations and risk responsibilities for counterfeit products. If you have a need, you can take a photo of the sealing machine and the sticker barcode on the bottom right of the machine, and send it back to [email protected], we will have a dedicated person to provide you with relevant information and explanations.

【Sealing Machine】Easy maintenance?

Doing a good job in daily cleaning and maintenance can prolong the service life of the machine and reduce the cost of wear and tear. Please be sure to unplug the power supply, and ensure that the temperature of the machine drops before performing maintenance actions. Also, pay attention to the serrated cutter and moving parts at any time to avoid danger. Simple maintenance steps:

  1. First unplug the power supply to ensure safety and cooling.
  2. Check whether the upper mold heating plate is clean every day to prevent the upper mold from being dirty and unable to seal. After the electric heating has cooled, wipe the sealing area of the upper mold with a damp cloth or a plastic brush.
  3. The lower template drive must be wiped clean every day, and greased every week to ensure the track is lubricated and smooth.
  4. Keep the grooves of the lower die clean to prevent the upper die from getting stuck on the blade.
  5. The track of the top cup should be kept clean, preferably butter with high viscosity, and the oiled parts are track, spring and axle.
  6. Keep the film electric eye and the automatic in and out electric eye (micro-motion) switch clean and clean.