Report on the special exhibition "The Magical Crown of Food Packaging" in Taipei
19 Jun.

Report on the special exhibition "The Magical Crown of Food Packaging" in Taipei

Small people, big ideas, and egg dealers invent sealing machines

"Can't find what you want on the market? Make it yourself!" The original spirit of the now popular "self-made culture" is actually in Taiwan's small and medium-sized schools. Businesses have always existed. The National Taiwan Museum of Science and Education will be exhibiting the special exhibition "The Magical Crown of Food Packaging", taking the common food packaging-sealing machine as an example to present Taiwan When small and medium-sized enterprises face problems, how to solve the problem and carry out various technological innovations and improvements to provide people with a more convenient life.
The people's favorite hand-shaking cup became more popular due to the emergence of sealing machines and then became popular overseas, using a thin piece of sealing film and packaging material "Heat sealing critical temperature" The idea of sealing the cup came from Ye Yifang, who used to be an egg wholesaler. At that time, he observed that when the soup was delivered by the convenience store, the soup was packed in plastic bags or steel cups, which often overflowed. After using the electric iron, I finally found that as long as the cup and the sealing film are heated to a certain "Heat-sealing critical temperature", the cup can be completely sealed by applying pressure. However, the first sealing machine weighed 60 kilograms, and it was not easy to use and promote. After years of research and development and improvement, finally combined with Taiwan's excellent IC industry technology, the automatic and small size (weight only 17 kilograms) sealing machine seen now was developed.
The Science and Education Museum said that it hopes to encourage young friends to observe more and try to solve problems and seek resources through this story of solving small problems in life and then creating important inventions. "Self-made Creating” is not as difficult as one might imagine. In addition, in order to make the visitors better understand the structure and operation of the sealing machine, the Science and Education Museum is open to the public for hands-on experience during the exhibition and provides 500 cups of "Sealing Seeds - Sealing the Seeds of Nature" activity every day, and the museum will provide painted cups and small cards. For personal creation, the public can operate the sealing machine with the assistance of the staff, seal their personal thoughts and give them to relatives and friends, or use cups to directly plant them and put them on the desk as small healing potted plants.
The Science and Education Museum stated that the special exhibition "The Magical Crown of Food Packaging" was introduced by the National Science and Technology Museum and exclusively sponsored by Yifang Sealing Machine Co., Ltd. There are more secrets and stories about food packaging, and the public is welcome to visit and experience the site.

Small Dictionary

What is a "critical temperature"

The maximum temperature at which a substance appears in liquid form, and each substance has a specific temperature.
The common low-density polyethylene material (LDPE) has a heat sealing temperature of about 110-120 degrees C. Other materials such as polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are much higher than Above 140 degrees C.

The principle of the sealer

When the packaging material reaches the critical temperature by heating, the packaging material will soften. At this time, the two pieces of molten packaging material are pressed together by pressure. After removing the heat, the two pieces of material will be tightly bonded together. This principle is similar to the mechanism of welding.