Liquid Filler-YF-8E(ABS + Baked painting)


1. The latest model YF-8E has an ABS machine cover that is extremely strong and lightweight, and control panel is adjustable to 3 angles for easy viewing
2. Optimum quality control for beverages.
3. Easy-to-operate human machine interface.
4. Rapid fructose filling of between 0.5-1s.
5. Can recall up to 24 preset filling setting
6. Professional rotating cam and pump design, can detect viscosity of the liquid for improved filling precision.


Model YF-8E
Machine size(mm) 270x390x430
Power(V) 110/220V (300W)
Weight(kg) 8.5
Capacity(c.c) 8500
Appearance ABS+Baked
No.of Button 24 Button


For use with a variety of particle-free liquids such as soy sauce, mayonnaise, barbeque sauce, honey, shampoo, lotion.